Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program
700 N. Wickham Rd., #108
Melbourne, FL  32935
(321) 254-0492
Office hours: Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs, 11am-5pm

(green building on the corner of
Wickham Rd. and Fountainhead Blvd.)


A Proud Tradition of Excellence for over 31 years.

Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship is a vocational training program.  We train individuals to be electricians in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial.  Students receive hands on experience in the electrical trade by working full time with a participating electrical contractor.  They receive the theory of the electrical trade by attending classes two (2) nights a week for four (4) years.  (Nights depend upon student year and are subject to change due to instructor availability.) 


We use the national NCCER curriculum in our classrooms.  We are certified by the State of Florida.  We take applications year round, but classes begin every August.  (Students cannot enter mid-year in January.)  Registration for this August 2016 term has ended. 
Students now have until July 19, 2017, to sign up for classes in order to begin school in August 2017*.
After that date, students go into a pending file for the next August term in 2018.

*Tip: waiting until July to sign up for the program is last minute and chances of finding a job are very slim.  If you are serious about wanting to work as an electrician, receive education and obtain employment, then it's recommended that you apply for the program before June, but definitely before July.  July is the last opportunity when individuals, already employed with a member-contractor, sign up for the program.    

Students are required to work with one of our Participating Contractors in order to attend classes for free, but do not have to be employed at the time of application.  We do not find employment or place a student with one of our contractors.  We will give student a list of member-contractors at the time of application and give them guidelines for obtaining employment, but we do not promise or provide employment for any student.  After being given a list of member-contractors, students will be required to contact members on their own time to seek interviews and employment.  If a student is not employed by the time classes begin each term, student will be required to pay for their classes.  A non-working student cannot be registered with the State of FL.

Financial Aid is not available for this program because the classes are free to working students.  The only thing a working student pays for are their books and registration fee every July.  For year 1 = $120.00, which is due by July 21st (this is the 2015 price and is subject to change as information becomes available for July 2016)
.  For years 2-4 = $160.00, which is due by July 21st (this is the 2015 price and is subject to change as information becomes available for July 2016).  Monies paid after the due date may be subject to late fees.  Students need to have their books in hand for the first night of class. 

*Please DO NOT visit any Eastern Florida State College campus (formerly known as: Brevard Community College) to apply for our program.  Although our classes are held on the Palm Bay EFSC campus, we are not affiliated with EFSC.  The office address is listed above, which is where you complete the application process.  Please do not call EFSC about this program, but call the office at the phone number above to make an appointment to fill out the application paperwork.  When you come to the office, bring the IDs listed below that apply to you as an individual.


STUDENT REQUIREMENTS to sign up for the program are as follows: 

1) Age 17 with a high school diploma or GED, or 18+ with/without a high school diploma or GED.  (A copy of diploma or GED is required for students 17 years of age, but is not required for 18+ years of age to join the program.)

2) Be physically able to work in the electrical field and perform duties required of the trade contractors.

3) Bring a Drivers License or State ID card.

4) If student has health insurance, then a copy of the insurance card is necessary.  Please bring card when applying.  (Insurance is not necessary to have in order to join the program, but insurance information is needed for all students that do have insurance.)  

5) If student is not a US citizen, then a Resident Card is required.  Please bring when filling out the application.

6) Student will need to be employed or eventually employed by one of the programs' Participating Contractors.

7) Student will need to turn in On-the-Job Training (OJT's) forms at the beginning of every month to obtain credit for the previous month's work hours.  All students must turn in OJT's whether they are employed or not in order to have a monthly record in their file.   

8) Students must pass every semester with a "C" or better in order to advance into the next term.  A grade of less than a "C" will require the student to retake the term before advancing forward.    

9) At the end of four (4) years students will need to pass all courses and obtain a total of 8,000 OJT hours in order to receive a certificate from the State of Florida and a certificate from the Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. 



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