Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program
700 N. Wickham Rd., #108
Melbourne, FL  32935
(321) 254-0492
Office hours: Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs, 11am-5pm

(green building on the corner of
Wickham Rd. and Fountainhead Blvd.)


Participating Contractors per the State of Florida


A Contractor List is given to students at the office during the application process.  It is a requirement that a student work with a member of this program.  If a student is working for a non-member, they are encouraged to invite their contractor to join the program rather than leave that contractor to work with a different contractor. 

BEATP does not promise or provide employment for any student.  The student is responsible for contacting employers on a bi-weekly basis in order to obtain an interview and employment with a contractor.  



This is a State of Florida apprenticeship program. 
Students are required to attend class and work in order to obtain their State of Florida certificate.  The State of Florida requires a student have 72 hours of class time per term = 144 per year.  Students are also required to obtain 8000 OJT hours in order to graduate/complete the program = 2000 per year.  This means students cannot work late and miss class unless there is an absolute emergency and another employee cannot replace the student on the job site. 

A variety of important topics are covered during class hours.  This list is an overview and subject to change.
General Overview of Curriculum (many more topics are covered throughout each student year):

Year 1 ~ Term 1:                                                                              Year 1 ~ Term 2:
Applied Math                                                                                   Intro. To The NEC
Electrical Safety                                                                              Residential Services
Electrical Theory                                                                             Electrical Test Equipment

Year 2 ~ Term 1:                                                                              Year 2 ~ Term 2:
Alternating Current                                                                        Conductor Installations
Motors:Theory/Applications                                                        Grounding and Bonding
Pull and Junction Boxes                                                                Control System/Fund. Concepts

Year 3 ~ Term 1:                                                                              Year 3 ~ Term 2:
Load Calculations                                                                            Transformers
Hazardous Locations                                                                      Commercial Electrical Services
Distribution Equipment                                                                 Motor Calcs. and Controls

Year 4 ~ Term 1:                                                                               Year 4 ~ Term 2:
Health Care Facilities                                                                      HVAC Controls
Standby/Emergency Systems                                                        Motor Operations/Maintenance
Advanced Controls                                                                           Journeyman Prep

**We are a program that grows with contractor and student needs, as well as State requirements.**

We care about the safety of our students and our contractors. 

SAFETY is a priority on every job site.  We invite a certified, guest instructor
to train all of our students so that they may be certified in

                                                                               OSHA 10.




"I graduated from the program.  Now I support my employees in attending to obtain a quality education in this field."
~ Christina Slate, Graduate & Owner of PEAYS ELECTRIC II, Inc.

"I encourage all of my new hires to go thru the program.  It was very helpful getting me to the level I am at today.  I don't know why any company wouldn't want their guys to go thru the program."
~ Justin Lanham, Graduate & Director of Operations at CORE ELECTRIC CORP.

"I chose electrical because the trade is interactive with other construction trades.  We work with every level of the construction phase.  It's high paced, diverse and opens you to other aspects of the electrical field."
~ Tyron Colman, Student

"There are several people in the program who have been in the industry for years.  To me, that is beneficial because I get to hear firsthand how some of the veteran electricians out there tackle real world problems that we face every single day.  We have open discussions about work situations, where everyone benefits from the novice to the advanced level electrician."
~ Ben Geiger, Student

"Thanks to the apprenticeship program I was eventually able to get into a career I could enjoy.  I look forward to work every day and feel like I'm a part of something instead of just being another minimum wage drone.  Thank you BEATP!"
~ Sean Gouveia, Graduate

"My experience with the apprenticeship program was an amazing time for me personally.  It was an environment that was open and honest about what to expect in the electrical field as well as what was expected out of you. 
Going to class gave me a chance to interact with experienced and dedicated teachers, as well as students that were on the same skill level as me.  This further allowed me to learn not just from the teachers but my fellow students. 
The teachers were very honest and patient.  They spent, sometimes, far more time than what was required of them to make sure we, as the students, understood a particular answer to a problem, and how they got to the solution.  They were honest in that if they didn't know an answer to a question we had, they would take time out of their busy lives to find the best possible answer for us.
Lola was equally amazing in her dedication to the students.  Whether it was answering questions about the program or helping you in your preparation for the journeyman test.  She was always willing to hear out the students regardless of the subject matter.  She also went above and beyond her normal duties to personally help me, so that I was able to take my journeymans test.
Overall I, personally, enjoyed my time in the program, as it exposed me to real world people and problems.  It prepared me for my role as an electrician, and also prepared me for my journeymans test."
~ Timothy Perkins, Graduate



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